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DATE:December 17,2009
RE:Items and Inventory

We added a another big feature...Items.

Items comes in two flavors. Description and Inventory.

Description items make you life easier by allowing you to set up invoice items that you sell over and over again with a common description and a standard sales price, so each time you select the the item on your invoice, this information is defaulted for you.

Inventory items are for physical goods that you purchase and resell. Inventory items also come with a default description and sales price, but the best part is that as you purchase and sell inventory items,  Accounting ASAP takes care of keeping track of your quantities and calculating Cost of Goods Sold.

Update February 2, 2010 - Inventory is gone.. The basic reason is that we feel inventory management and a web based accounting are currently not a good fit. Cramming inventory into the interface took up a lot of space that will in the future be put too much better use. Description items remain and will stay as a big part of Accounting ASAP's future 


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