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DATE:October 8,2009
RE:One of these things is not like the others

Some people have commented on the different look of Accounting ASAP. The picture below is a composite of the home pages of 15 web based Accounting and Invoicing applications. For the most part it seems to be a collection of various shades of blue. Can you spot Accounting ASAP?


You might draw a couple of conclusions from this:

The first conclusion might be that we have absolutely no clue what we are doing, If everyone else is doing blue and white, shouldn't we be doing it also?

The second conclusion is that maybe we are trying to separate ourselves from the crowd. Obviously there are many choices of online accounting software. We think looking like everyone else is NOT an advantage.  Your product might have outstanding features, but if it looks like everything else on the shelf, what are the chances that someone will even pick up your box? Our product might not be for you, which is fine, but at least we made you take a look.

Does your company and product look just like your competition? Is that a good thing?


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