From:Your Company's Name and Address

Bill To:The Customer's name and address.
Invoice DateThe date of your invoice.:
Invoice No.:The number of this invoice. It defaults to 1001, but you will want to change this if you are sending multiple invoices.
Customer POIf your customer gave you a Purchase Order number, you can put it here and it will print on the invoice.:
Sales Tax Rate:The sales tax percent to be charges against lines with Taxable selected %

Payment TermsA list of common payment terms is included. Changing the payment terms will change the due date. If you want to set the terms manually, select the 'Custom' payment term. Due DateThe date you expect your customer to pay you by. Discount DateIf the customer pays by this date, they are entitled to an early payment discount of the amount specified in 'Disc Amt' Discount AmountThe amount of early payment discount that the
7/13/2024 7/13/2024 0.00

DescriptionA description of the goods or service that you sold to your customer. QtyThe number of units that you sold your customer. This could represent hours for services, or units for physical goods. Unit PriceThe cost per unit of what you are selling TaxCheck this if the line item is taxable. Line Total This is Qty times Unit Price. Changing the Line Total will adjust the Unit Price
Comment:Note to the customer which will printed on the bottom of the invoice.
Sub Total:The total of all line totals before tax 0.00
Sales Tax:The amount of sales tax charged. This is the Sales Tax % multiplied by all the Line Totals for lines with Taxable Selected 0.00
Total:The Total of Sub Total and Sales Tax charged 0.00

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What's this?

This is a quick (and free) way to create a professional-looking invoice to send to your customers.There is no signup, just enter your data and print an invoice.

How does it work?

Just fill in your invoice information, then hit the "Preview" button. You will be presented with a PDF of your invoice. On the preview page, you can add your company logo. You can print the invoice or save it to your local machine to send by email. If you want to make changes, just click on "Edit Invoice".

What's the catch?

None. Use it as much as you want, free of charge.

We are hoping that you find it useful and will try out Accounting ASAP, a full featured Web-based accounting package for small businesses. Accounting ASAP is the fastest and easiest way to take care of your small business books.

We do not store the data you enter without your express permission. We will not send you spam or send you singing telegrams just for using this service.

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